December 17, 2014

Thank You Gov Cuomo for the Ban on Fracking

I am still giddy from the news this afternoon:  Governor Cuomo has put a ban on fracking in NY!

Here are a few links to full articles on the events of this day:

NY Times

No Fracking Way:

DOH Report DOH Health report


National Journal


and by the way....   Karen Moreau, NYS Petroleum Council executive director for the American Petroleum Institute,  YOU are wrong, not Gov Cuomo.  This is the RIGHT direction for NY and its citizens for today and for our future.  We now have a real future to build upon with sustainable, renewable, safe energy technologies.

There is much work yet to do because NY must also remove the threats of toxic wastes, dumping, fresh water depletion, bomb trains running through our towns and cities, compressor stations & pipelines, and more.  Yes, much work left to do.  But today is a good re-start.

Join thousands of New Yorkers and show your support for the ban on fracking

Governor Cuomo: 866-584-6799

Acting Commissioner Zucker: 518-474-2011

Commissioner Martens: 518-402-8545

December 15, 2014

From New Yorkers Against Fracking:
Attention New Yorkers, Governor Cuomo announced on Susan Arbetter Dec 15 that he will take a "clear position" on fracking by the end of this month.

We are in the 11th hour. CALL CUOMO RIGHT NOW at 866-584-6799 and say you are against fracking anywhere in New York. Not one well! The health and science is in, finding that fracking cannot be done safely. 

Read here:

We need to make sure the Governor knows that a growing majority of New Yorkers do not want fracking and that we want clean water, air and land and a thriving sustainable economy for generations to come! Call him right now at 866-584-6799 and tell him to reject any fracking in New York! Tell him you want clean renewable energy jobs that will protect our water and health and no fracking!

November 24, 2014

More on Seneca Lake Actions

Justin Mikulka authored an excellent article at DeSmogBlog about the activities of the We Are Seneca Lake protest continuing at the gates of Crestwood.  Check it out - lots of great resource links:

November 20, 2014

A Working House

Apparently the House is working!  Caught this bit of news from Politico's Morning Energy newsletter today:
"HOUSE CLEARS SECOND EPA BILL OF THE WEEK: The House yesterday approved H.R. 4012, Secret Science Reform Act, by a vote of 237-190. The bill, which drew a veto threat from the White House, would prevent EPA from proposing or finalizing any regulation unless the underlying scientific and technical information relied upon for it is made public. Lawmakers shot down a Democratic amendment allowing EPA to utilize peer-reviewed scientific papers even if based on data barred from public disclosure."
Make no mistake - double speak is taking place here. This smacks as a deliberate attempt by fossil fuel industry supporters to stifle environmental protection rulings that might otherwise affect their corporate bottom line interests.  To suggest that peer-reviewed scientific papers are insufficient is absurd.  The GOP is paving the way for continued development of fossil fuel - make no mistake!  This is at the expense of the public's safety.  Our government should be fostering the flow of scientific data - not stopping it.

November 19, 2014

Nov 19 Update at Seneca Lake Protests

Watkins Glen, NY – Area business owners and winery owners are among 12 people currently blockading at Texas-based Crestwood Midstream’s gas storage facility gates on the shore of Seneca Lake. They are now in their third hour of shutting down both entrances on Route 14.  This action follows eight arrests yesterday and ten on Monday as the ‘We Are Seneca Lake’ civil disobedience campaign continues a 4th week of blockades to stop the gas storage facility.  All total, 43 arrests have now occurred at the gates of Crestwood since the campaign began on October 23. 

The 12 people blockading today are: Phil Davis, 62, Hector, owner, Damiani Wine Cellars; Will Ouweleen, Conesus, Livingston County, owner, Eagle Crest and O-Neh-Da Vineyards; Peggy Aker, 57, Trumansburg, owner and founder, Marco Mama’s; Stefan Senders, 56, Hector, owner, Wide Awake Bakery; Anna Redmond, 30, Trumansburg, Regional Access; Julia Uticone, 40, Cayutaville, Swamp Road Baskets; Jessica Thorpe, 31, Hector, owner and operator, Glen Mountain Market; Scott Signori, 47, Hector, owner and executive chef, Stonecat Cafe; Chris Tate, 52, Hector; ; John Dennis, Lansing; Chuck Geisler, 69, Ithaca; and Asa Redmond, 40, Ithaca, Regional Access. Redmond is also the drummer for The Sim Redmond Band. 

A reporter, Charlie Haeffner of the Odessa File, was covering this morning's activities and was told by the Sheriff's Deputy that he couldn't park on the side of State Rt 14. 

Sheriff Yessman has complained that many of the protesters weren't from Schuyler County and were being "imported". Six of the protesters blockading the gates now are from Schuyler County. including business owners, and the Sheriff has chosen this day to not make any arrests. 
Gas Free Seneca

November 05, 2014

Support Gas Free Seneca

Do something to support those who continue to put their bodies on the line  ~ literally ~ to stop the insanity of the Crestwood gas storage project on Seneca Lake.  Support Gas Free Seneca and the jail fund.

Write Letters to the Editor ~ Write to Gov Cuomo ~ Write to Pres Obama ~ Write!

October 30, 2014

Water Withdrawal - come and get it

Of all the stories, battles, struggles and arguments over the development of massive gas drilling using HVHF the one deepest in my gut just got wrenched!  Our state's water can be sucked out with the blessings of NYS DEC and free water withdrawal permits.

New York State Allows Water Grab

- See more at:
New York State Allows Water Grab
 New York State Allows Water Grab  by Peter Mantius Oct 29.

 It seems like another world to imagine a corporate entity having the right to go anywhere, to any state, and just buy up the fresh water supplies for an industrial use that destroys the water ~ permanently.  And have the approval of that state to do so.  What Painted Post is doing is wrong.  No city municipality has the humane right to sell off the waters of this earth for rampant industrial destruction.

We have talked and ranted about the need to preserve our limited fresh water supplies.  Anyone who says they support the development of the fracking - drilling technology because it "can be done safely" is lying  to your face.  Grab some tea (while you can) and read the article